Are you accepting new patients?
Yes we are and always welcome new members to the practice.  We often find that people who are happy will tell others about us and so if this is you then please call us on 0141 3320793.  You can request a call back by completing the form on this site or send us an email and we will get in touch.
What about prices of treatment?
Everyone is cost conscious these days and no one likes hidden charges.  We have our price list available on this site, at our reception area and it can be requested via email.  We believe in ‘fixed price, pay as you go services’.  This is true whether you have treatment performed privately or under the NHS.  The NHS fixes our prices so we advise you only on what we are able to charge.  When your treatment options are discussed with you, we will give you a print our of your treatment plan.
What types of payment do you take?
We take credit and debit cards, cash and cheques.  You can pay your account over the telephone and we are looking into online payments, perhaps via paypal for the future.
Why am I being asked for a deposit?
Despite the high demand for our services, late cancellations (less than 24 hours notice) or not making your appointment means that other patients (perhaps friends or family) may have to wait longer to get an appointment.  The deposit forms part of your commitment to your next appointment and will be refunded in full when your treatment is complete.
Some times we also request a deposit towards your treatment costs in order to cover the costs of laboratory work.  Your dentist will discuss this with you when providing your treatment plan.
What is this ‘pay as you go’ thing?
We believe in flexibility so we only ask for payment when work is carried out.  Therefore during your treatment visit, we will only ask for payment for work that has been done and helps spread the cost of your treatment.  We think this is only fair as we are not a credit facility.  If it can work for your mobile phone then we don’t see why it shouldn’t work for your dental care!
How do I sign up for SMS reminders?
If we have your mobile number, you may well already be signed up for these.  If not, on your next visit, please indicate that you would like a text reminder and we will update our system.  Alternatively you can email your request to us and our reception team will take care of the rest.
My details have changed…..
Either, telephone our reception team and we will update your details or email your changes and our reception team will do the rest.